Why We Should Forget About Adding Milk To Our Tea

We Brits love our tea and recently we have been encouraged to indulge ourselves all the more, given the news that it is packed full of health-bestowing antioxidants. But the way we drink our tea here in the UK might actually be reducing the benefits of all those antioxidants. It seems that scientists have discovered that adding milk to your daily cuppa can impact severely on tea’s beneficial effect on the vascular sysyem.

Tea Without Milk Is Best To Maximise Its Health Benefits

A study published recently in the European Heart Journal reported on research in which groups of people drank black tea – that is tea without milk, tea to which milk had been added and boiled water. The various groups then had their vascular functions assessed. The results make interesting reading. In a comparison with the group drinking plain boiled water, those who drunk black tea showed signs of considerably better vascular function, whereas the group which had their tea with milk showed no such benefits.

The reasdon for this is that it seems the proteins in milk adhere to and negate the beneficial effects of the antioxidants found in the tea.

Tea with lemon anyone?

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