Why Not Jump Your Way To A Fitter You?

Sometimes working out or keeping up any fitness regime can be hard work. You’re tired at the end of a busy day or week and the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym. That’s when exercise can feel more of a chore than a pleasure. But, if you feel that way at times – and don’t we all – then help may be at hand. Why don’t you instead release the child within by using a trampoline or rebounder and you could very well soon end up with a washboard stomach and toned legs before you know it. The idea is called “Skyrobics” and it’s currently one of the hottest fitness ideas doing the rounds in California. It comprises a trampoline class offering  an hour of jumping jacks, star jumps, press-ups and “rouncing” (jumping and bouncing).

Its proponents claim you will burn up to 1000 calories per class – not bad for an hours workout!. The uneven, unpredictable nature of the surface means muscles in the core and lower back have to work much harder than normal  in order simply balance. Devotees of the regime argue say it takes up to a third  more energy to exercise on such a surface than it does on hard ground.

If you don’t live in California and still want to get in on the act, trampoline exercise classes in Britain are held at selected Virgin Active gyms. Or if you don’t have a class nearby, why not get your hands on your own rebounder? You don’t need to hog the kids trampoline in the garden, you can pick up a decent, small rebounder on the high street for a modest amount – for instance Argos have several – and then work away to your hearts content in the privacy of your own home. These small rebounders don’t have as unstable a surface on which to exercise as a large trampoline, but they make for a reasonable compromise if there is nothing else available.

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