Shape Your Future

When cruising along with my shopping trolley in the local supermarket, I pass the magazines on my way to the vegetable section. The bloke’s health magazines are littered with images of these perfect torsos with almost no body fat, oiled skin and of course, the muscles, beautifully carved from hours and hours in the gym.

The ladies health magazines have airbrushed images showing the most amazing, perfect size 6-8 figure and super-slim, terrifically toned midriffs.

These images are not realistic for the majority of us, unless we spend some of our spare time in the gym and eat a lettuce-based diet, which only a snail would find appetising


There are three main body shapes and we should embrace these and enhance them as opposed to fighting them your body will always try to return to its natural shape.

Ectomorph usually tall, with a naturally slim build, lean muscles and long limbs. You know who you are, the people that can eat what they like and rarely gain weight. Exercise should have mainly resistance training, such as weights, kettleballs, ViPR and heavy punch bags. Get some cardiovascular in there but keep this down to once or twice a week.

Endomorph usually a more athletic looking shape, think upside-down triangle with wider shoulders and smaller waist. You are usually quite strong and lay down muscle easily but on the flip side you can easily put on weight if you have a couch-sitting, crisp-munching lifestyle. Exercise should be a balanced mixture of resistance training and cardio training such as circuit classes or a weights session followed by a blast of cardio (spin, rowing, swimming and running).

Mesomorph usually rounder, softer-shaped body with slightly higher body fat levels than the other two shapes. Think hourglass figures, with curves in the right places or the cuddlier guys. Exercise should involve plenty of cardio, with muscle conditioning sessions to tone those amazing curves. The new craze of metabolic training is excellent for you and training for strength or endurance in your weights sessions works a treat.

There is no such thing as the perfect body but there is a healthy, toned look for every shape.


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