How To Pick The Best Diet for 2013

Deciding on the diet for the New Year is often difficult because the vast choices available. The many choices suggest that not one diet fits every person. For some people a low carb diet is the best choice but for others low-fat, Weight Watchers, prepared meals, counting calories or points may be the best choice. Consumer Reports published a study in 2002 which identified 4000 people that lost weight and kept it off for 5 years. They found that the best diet and the most successful one is the plan that matched the dieter?s personal life and preferences. A single man, for example, probably would not do well on diets that required a lot of preparation. While a retired individual might be interested in saving money by doing a diet that involves a lot of cooking and shopping. The best diet is one that fits your personal preferences, desire to shop and prepare food, and also one that you can afford.

There were some patterns that successful dieters exhibited. This included a moderate amount of exercise weekly, participating in a weight loss program, and not denying one self completely of food that is enjoyed. Successful dieters also started programs that they knew from the beginning they could probably due indefinitely. You need to be in control. You need to satisfy and control cravings. You need a diet that focuses on increasing your metabolism. If you have a lot of extra weight around your belly, think about a diet designed to burn belly fat. You need to do exercise you like and eat food that you enjoy. That’s the hallmark of successful dieters.

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