Don’t Skip That Workout!

If you are fed up falling over that medicine ball or other exercise equipment in your spare room then why not switch your attention to skipping? Skipping is a fantastic way to keep in shape – not for nothing is it one of the constituent parts of the exercie regime of boxers and martial artists. But not all skipping ropes are created equally, would you believe. When it comes to getting the best from your skipping exercise it’s got to be the Aeroskip Pro-Gold Speedrope – the choice of champion boxers everywhere.

Fortunately for us mere mortals you can now get your hands on these ropes easily enough together with a helpful and instructive set of two workout DVDs. As well as giving you a fantastic cardiovascular  work, skipping increases co-ordination and endurance, works your core and tests both your lower and upper body. And because just ten minutes working out with the Aeroskip DVD eats up the same number of calories as thirty minutes running, jogging or walking  it makes for a more comfortable prospect than going out for a run on those cold winter monrnings or evenings.


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