Don’t Let Headaches Give You The Needle

There has been much publicity recently about the effect of regularly taking the maximum amount of painkillers daily. It seems that, far from getting rid of your headache, regularly taking painkillers can actually cause your headache to “rebound”, becoming a chronic, persistent problem.

Certain painkillers, especially those containing codeine, are also habit-forming and doctors and other health professionals now advise against taking such medication on a regular basis.

So what can you do if you are subject to regular headaches but don’t want to run the risk of potentially exacerbating the problem by taking regular medication? One answer may be to try acupuncture, which has been shown in some instances to relieve chronic headaches and even migraines.

Could Acupuncture Be The Answer For Those Persistent Headaches?

Often severe headaches such as migraines are triggered by certain factors – it could be stressful situations at home or at work or perhaps something as mundane as eating a particular type of food.  Avoiding these “triggers” would make sense but that is easier said than done in our increasingly busy lives. Acupuncture can have the effect of resetting any imbalances in the body, meaning that those extraneous factors which may in the past have sparked off severe headaches have much less impact.

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