Dance Your Way To Fitness

Well, the summmer is well and truly at an end now and as the nights become a little darker and chillier what better way to plan ahead for the colder winter months than by seeking out a new exercise class to help keep us in shape and give us some fun into the bargain?

Dance based  fitness classes and sessions have become one of the most popular of all the available exercise classes, for the simple reason that they combine a terrific workout with a great night out. In fact, they are enjoyed by so many who only actually realise what a strenuous workout they have had while dancing away when they finally leave at the end of the session.

The success of these classes in gyms, schols and halls up and down the country is largely due to heir relaxed, informal nature. There is not the same emphasis on getting moves precisely correct – like there is, for instance, in Pilates or yoga – but rather the emphasis is on getting you up off the sofa and moving about, burning up some of those calories. The classes cleverly combine dancing with aerobic and muscle toning exercises to give a great workout, suitable for all ages.

And the fantastic thing about these types of sessions is that you can choose one which reflects best your taste in music. If, for example, you enjoy Latin beats, then go for Zumba classes. On the other hand if you prefer something a little more funky you may choose to opt for Groove FX or Body Jam. The choice is yours – the important thing is to “get up off your butt” and get exercising!

It does not matter which type of class or style of music you choose, the great thing is that with the combination of a good instructor, fantastic music and simple, easily understood moves, you are most definitely on to a winner. The beauty of these regimes is that you get an all-over workout, with the larger, bolder dance moves working the legs, hip swaying helping to tone your waist and stomach, and arm movements helping to firm up the dreaded bingo wings! Another great thing about these classes is that they are even more fun when two or more people go together. If you have previously avoided joining an exerecise class because you did not relish working out on your own or with a group of strangers, now is the time to rope in a few of your like-minded friends and dance yourself fit!

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