Run Off The Bleak Midwinter

When the weather turns colder it is worth remembering the benefits of keeping our weekly running ritual going, even though it is often freezing, raining and dark.

Cardio-vascular exercise is great for weight control and de-stressing but there are other fantastic benefits too. We become fitter, we breathe better and our heart gets stronger- so pretty essential for good health.

Breathing has two main benefits for our body, it fuels us with energy from the oxygen and gets rid of waste when we breathe out. When we work harder, we breathe in more air and the more often we do this out body gets better at it. How? Our lung capacity increases so we can take in more air in each breath. This is why asthma sufferers can see improvements in their condition with regular cardiovascular exercise.

With all this extra breathing our heart steps up a gear and works harder to pump the oxygen around the body. Like any muscle in the body, it becomes stronger when you work it. This is why many people who have high blood pressure see it come down or people with heart conditions see improvements from doing cardiovascular activity.

We all remember going to our first fitness class in a while and seeing that beetroot face in the mirror, stopping to tie that imaginary shoe lace so we can catch our breath and wishing it was over but the clock only saying we were half way through. After a few weeks, you are jumping around like a conditioned athlete for the full 60 minutes, sucking in air like a vacuum cleaner and walking out with mildly pink cheeks. You know you are getting fitter and are now looking for the next challenge to get you out of the comfort zone. The other stuff, such toned muscles, a slimmer body and feeling awesome are the icing on the cake. Anything that gets you breathing deeper, your heart pumping and your body sweating is cardiovascular exercise ? walking up a hill, playing tennis, cycling, swimming, kick-boxing or aerobic-style classes.

So, you have no excuses over the festive season. Getting cardiovascular exercise in for 20 minutes at least three times a week means you will have a happy, healthy Christmas…..and the rest of your life.

Beat Those Bugs This Festive Season

Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the season where most of us will come down with bugs and viruses and sniffly noses.? Most of us leave the house armed with soft, balm hankies smelling of menthol instead of our favourite scent, with a bottle and enough cold and flu drink sachets to supply a chemist.

There are great ways to combat bugs and boost your immune system throughout those wintry months so that Christmas and New Year are not celebrated from your bed.

Getting plenty of moderate exercise sends those immune cells racing round the body killing bacteria and viruses. It can be hard to drag yourself out on dark nights but it is worth wrapping up and heading to the gym, fitness class or putting on a fitness DVD, so you don?t even need to leave your cosy living room.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a good immune systems and if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, you will be getting everything you need.

Many of us have less sleep over the festive period, whether it?s wrapping presents into the early hours while the children are asleep or out partying with friends until the wee small hours. It is so important to get some early nights and some long lie-ins so you can re-charge the batteries. Your body repairs and replenishes its cells while you are asleep, so think of it as a time when your body arms itself to fight off those nasty germs.

Over the party season, our diet can be poorer. Some research shows taking zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D can help support our immune system. SO why not take a supplement at this time to fill in any gaps in your diet. We all want to be fit too enjoy the fun and festivities. It is better if we can do this without resembling Rudolph with a big shiny red nose. So take these basic steps to fight off flu bugs.

Online Degree Programmes Require Self Discipline

Online education has become so popular over the past years. The flexibility, bearable course fees and the convenience it provides to its students are the reasons for this rapidly growing popularity. Many busy adults and youngsters tend to follow their associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorate degrees through the internet so as to save their time and effort with achieving a reputable degree in the end.

People enroll in online schools because of so many reasons. Some people are already employed and they might be having difficulties in attending a traditional classroom during the day time. Some people have huge families that depend on them. Those people want to save more money. Hence, they fail to pay for a traditional degree. Comparing to conventional institutions, online colleges charge a lesser amount of money. Many youngsters enjoy studying at their own comfort at home and their desired pace. However, doing an online degree is not a piece of cake. Even though, they are more flexible and convenient, an individual must build up self disciplines within him or herself in order to achieve a successful completion of the course. That?s why it is sated that, to be successful in online education you must improve your self-discipline and determination.

Watch Out When Taking Medicine

People never feel bad after exercising, right? The toughest part is to get yourself up and to the gym and to realize that exercising is not a chore but can, in fact, be pretty fun. There are plenty of options for adding a bit of fun into your workout routine. Apply the advice you will find above and on our regularly updated blogand you will soon be on your way to a new, fitter, improved you.

You know it’s a terrible idea to have one or two drinks before hitting the road. But were you aware that taking allergy tablets also could ruin your judgment? In numerous cases, over-the-counter and prescribed medicine you would like to remain healthy and permit you to drive carefully, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

On the other hand, it is vital to be sure about any drugs you take and their side-effects before getting behind the wheel. According to the FDA, the following kinds of medicines might pose risks for drivers: Anti-anxiety drugs and anti-depression drugs, high-powered pain medicines with codeine and similar elements, cold and allergy medications, sedatives and sleeping tablets.<

Make Sure You’ve Got A Back Up Plan

If you go to any gym especially in the lead-up to the festive season you’re sure to find the boys at the wall mirrors, curling dumbbells until they ache,doing repetitions until their veins pop and crunching their abs like there’s no tomorrow.

Why? So they can wear those stretch slim-fit shirts for the ladies at the notorious Office Party. But while this may take care of the chest and abdomen, what about the other neglected muscle groups at the back of your body? That is, those you can?t see as you preen yourself in front of the mirror. Exercising should be all about achieving a perfect balance because this will not only benefit you in the long run, it also helps avoid injury, gives you better joint action and will lead to a better posture, instead of being hunched over because of those small, taut muscles at the front of your chest and stomach.

Here are a few simple tips tpo make sure you give your back a decent workout.


Using barbell and weights plates, stand with feet shoulder width apart, place feet under the bar so shins are touching it. Grip the bar with arms touching outside of your thighs, hips dropped low, with chest facing directly forward and shoulders down and back with a slight squeeze in between the shoulder blades. Pushing through the feet, stand up keeping back straight, gripping the bar and keeping it tight to the body. Release, keeping back straight, and lowering the hips back to the floor, keeping bar close to body. Re-set your position and repeat.

Reverse Fly

Using dumbbells, feet together, bend knees and lean chest forward until parallel with the floor. Keep back straight, outstretch arms towards the floor then pull arms wide and back squeezing the shoulder blades together, release and start again.


Using body weight or light dumbbells, lie on your stomach, outstretch arms and legs. Looking at the floor, lift your opposite leg and arm at the same time, then repeat on the other side. When you get good at it, try both arms and legs together.